Top Fashion Colors For Spring 2016

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We all know that the Pantone Color Institute is everybody’s criterion when it comes to the colors of fashion, interiors, and publications. They utilize what they call the PMS or the Pantone Matching System. For this spring, we take the colors that made it to Pantone’s Color of the Year selection:

  • Rose Quartzand Serenity Blue lead the list of colors to create excitement as well as balance, sunshine, tranquility, confidence and a celebration of life.  Rose Quartz may appear like pink but it evokes a sense of compassion that will flatter rather than over-power her expression.  Rose quartz is a quiet symbol of reflection and the composure that is derived from self-acceptance and realizing the beauty that is within instead of the one that tries to conform to outer molds.  Rose quartz paired with serenity blue creates a fantastic contrast that translates to high fashion.


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  • Serenity Bluesignifies calm and its sister rose quartz’s tranquility. It hints of space and sky and thus respite from the humdrum and noisy streets of the city. With a variety of patterns, serenity will warm and comfort, and give a feeling of weightlessness when expressed through wools, linens and cottons.A deeper version of Serenity is the Snorkel Blue – an ocean-inspired color that evokes energy and happiness, while promising escape, tranquility and vacation.  Snorkel Blue is best paired with Buttercup.
  • In a world of blues, pinks and greys comes the sun-shining Buttercupthat  is used extensively by some of the world’s best designers like Charles and Ron and David Hart. They love that it lends a contrasting shine and exuberance and enhances the tranquility and energy of Snorkel blue as well as the neutrality of Lilac Grey.
  • Lilac Grey’ssubtle neutrality makes it pair well with most colors especially Fiesta yellow and most of the designs of Karigram and Rebecca Vallance.
  • Fiesta Yellowbased Red is fiery and energetic encouraging what Pantone calls “free-spirited exploration”. Vivid and strong, it contrasts well with the blues and greys of the season and goes well with Limpet Shell
  • Limpet Shellevokes clarity, tranquility and crisp and cool invigoration. It is almost aqua green and well defined and we just love how it evokes a fresh mental calmness.

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