Holy Communion Dresses by Alamango

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Your child is celebrating her first Eucharist. The Holy Communion is an important event and rite of passage in Catholic life. It is usually first given to a child when she’s reached 7.  It is a rite of passage to make them a full member of the Catholic Church.

The whole family and the community celebrates First Holy Communion. This is merged with culture and tradition.  In Malta, which is predominantly Catholic, parents take pains preparing their daughters for this very important white satin celebration. Hair brushing and a perfect selfie smile mark this big day as parents, along with many other parents and children dressed up in lovely Holy Communion Dresses, walk in a procession around their villages while contemplating the significance of the Holy Eucharist; after which, they attend mass and finally are given the Host by the priest. To visitors and tourists who come from highly modernized societies who have lost most of their traditions, the first communion is a beautiful experience that is worth having.

For this occasion, we suggest that you bring your daughter to our boutique to spend a pleasurable, exciting yet comfy hour with our experienced staff to give her individual attention as they prepare her in our private dressing room upstairs.  We have a huge selection of communion dresses of a wide range of sizes as well as accessories such as veils, tiaras, crowns, gloves and headbands for this occasion. Our staff is so well trained, they can give you helpful tips to make her communion unforgettable.


                 We’ve got a large selection of Holy Communion dresses.

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Here are some helpful tips in choosing Holy Communion dresses by Alamango to ensure your trip to the boutique is enjoyable and fun for both you and your daughter:

  • Make sure that your daughter has washed her hands in order to keep the dresses looking pristine.
  • There must be no jewelry, hair bands, shoes, makeup, fragrances and outer clothing while we fit her.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the fitting area.
  • But she can be accompanied by her parent and any two adults. But parents must behave as well! They must not overstress their daughters and must allow us to find the best outfit for her out of 5 pre-chosen communion dresses.
  • Once selected, we suggest matching accessories such as tiaras and boleros.

The boutique was designed to enable her and her parents to view our latest selections. New choices arrive early in January.  We offer our dresses and services to you at a good price guaranteeing the success of her first communion experience.