Why Is Wedding White?

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White is the color of purity and perfection  and in Greece, it is the color of Bridal happiness, and most people would think that a white wedding dress symbolized virginity. But the reason chosen by historians for the white will totally surprise you.

White weddings originated in the 1840s when Queen Victoria chose to wear a white court dress at her wedding to Prince Albert.  Royal brides, previous to that wedding, wore all kinds of colors. Red was the most popular color then in Western Europe. European as well as American brides wore yellow, blue, and even black and gray.  But after the wedding to the present day, white became the color of choice.

Queen Victoria also chose the most expensive fabric and most elaborate design that money can buy. White fabric was very expensive and only royalty could afford it so she ordered the biggest white dress in order to vaunt her wealth at a time when the masses were suffering from severe poverty. White was chosen on a dress that could only be worn once because at that time there were no laundering methods for dresses like those.

And so the rich, as well as the trying-to-look rich of that time also wanted to flaunt their wealth and so they started wearing elaborate whites for weddings to show everyone how wealthy and leisurely they were.  Eventually, this became tradition even for the poor. It was not however fully assimilated into as a traditional wedding dress until after the second World War where the white wedding gown was portrayed in many a Hollywood movie. Nowadays, white has become the standard wedding dress colour.

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The evolution and meaning of a white wedding gown.


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