Finding “The One” – Your Guide to Custom Made Dresses

When it comes to really special occasions, off the rack just isn’t enough – here’s where custom made dresses come into play. Designed and tailored entirely around your style, body shape, occasion, and budget haute couture is even more accessible than you’d have imagined.

The good news here is that apart from being in very good hands at Alamango Bridal & Textiles, you’ve also got the peace of mind in knowing that if the final product doesn’t live up to your expectations, we offer a money-back guarantee. Ever wondered what it might be like to commission a tailored dress at an establishment like ours? Here’s what to expect:


1. It all starts with an idea

Whether you’ve got your dream wedding dress in mind, or would like to commission a tailored dress for a special occasion, we’ve got you. With decades of experience in tailoring and textiles, Josef and his team are a phone call away from beginning this journey with you.




2. The dream begins

To kick things off, you’ll meet up for a consultation where you’ll be encouraged to bring forward any ideas you might already have. Here, the design team is able to guide you through this process, offering suggestions and custom designs as well as assessing all options with regards to materials that will best flatter your body shape, while remaining within your expected budget.


3. Colour, colour, colour

Once the design team have a good idea of what you might have in mind, it’s time to pick that perfect tone. For occasion dresses, this year’s Pantone charts for spring/summer 2021 for instance call for some bold, bright, beautiful oranges, blues, yellows, and reds, along with greens, corals and deep pinks and purples.

On the more classic side, this year’s colours include a charming scale which includes black, grey, off-white, along with some gorgeous earthy tones.



4. It’s all about texture

Your choice of textile will determine the complete feel of the dress – from stiff panels, to flowing trains, the options are endless, and the good news here is that you’re in really good hands. When it comes to bridal, as well as couture gowns, this year is definitely big on French lace, beaded fabrics, brocades, and beautiful printed silks.



5. Breathing life

Once both you and the design team are on the same page with regards to your expectations for your tailored dress, the Alamango Textiles team will design and present illustrations based on your discussions. Once the final design and textile choice has been approved, your measurements will then be taken and this information is passed on to the tailoring department where you’ll be assigned an expert seamstress.



6. The magic happens

From then, our seamstress will produce a first draft of your dress and you’ll be called in to try it on. At this stage, any minor changes or alterations may be carried out in order to fully embody the dream dress you had in mind, before allowing our seamstresses to work their magic.


7. A three-month guarantee

No one wants to stress about their dress any time close to their big day. For this reason, we guarantee that your custom-made dress is always ready at least three months before. This will give you a more realistic timeframe in which to commission any additional alterations should they be necessary. Any size-related alterations may also be carried out during this time completely for free.



8. Your time to shine

Once every last detail has been taken care of, and your dream dress has finally reached its full circle from concept to completion, it’s now your time to shine – and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the final result, then we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


9. A custom-made experience

If you’ve got something specific in mind, you’ve really got nothing to lose by getting in touch and finding out how to transform your vision into a reality. The entire process that comes about with a tailored dress is quite fascinating, and we’d like to believe that our friendly and personalised service will enhance this experience further.

Whatever the occasion, style, or budget, there’s a good chance that we’ve got a bespoke solution for you. Give us a call on +356 79 314 331 or get in touch via email or Facebook should you be interested in exploring any ideas further – it really is that simple!

2021 Holy Communion Dress Trends

If you think back on your childhood, wearing a fabulous dress on your First Holy Communion day is definitely one of the most defining memories with regards to fashion. We believe that every communion dress should be as special and individual as the little girl wearing it, and our collection definitely reflects this.

Taking inspiration from popular trends in the bridal industry, each of these little dresses have been masterfully crafted, made of the finest materials, and scaled down to reflect the innocence and modesty this significant rite of passage represents.

If you’ve lived here all your life, then selecting the perfect Holy Communion Dress is a well-known and loved tradition. If you happen to new to Maltese culture, then we’d be honoured to guide you along your journey in celebrating your daughter’s Holy Communion in Malta.

In terms of trends, even though the classic white dress will always prevail, recent years have also seen the introduction of softer colours such as ivory and blush appearing gradually.

Having said so, 2021 takes things to a whole new level with fresh nuances of pastel colours emerging throughout the latest collections. From minimal accents, to larger colour blocks, these touches of colour are becoming an increasingly popular choice for Holy Communion dresses, offering a completely fresh take on the traditional dress.

Apart from being made using high quality materials with a strong attention to detail with regards to finishing, these extremely creative and colourful dresses are also imported in limited quantities, which means that there’s a higher chance of selecting a dress that’s truly unique.

As far as accessories go, we’ve seen the traditional veils and gloves returning for another season, along with possibility of creating a custom face mask should the need arise. It’s your little girl’s time to shine, and we’d be more than pleased to share our expertise and advice.

As for yourself, our expert designers and seamstresses at Alamango Tailoring are able to help you create a bespoke outfit that’s been specifically designed for the occasion. From luxurious fabrics to unique details, we’re able to design and tailor a one-of-a-kind outfit that’s been created to fit you perfectly.

Once again, additional accessories such as fascinators and facemasks may also be customised to finish off your look.

Make this day special and memorable for yourself and your little one. Book a private appointment at Alamango Bridal and Textiles by giving us a call on (+356) 2131 4331 or send us a private message on Facebook.

Can You Kiss the Bride?

It’s no secret that we are currently living in unprecedented times. If you had to ask anyone what they thought they would be doing in a year’s time last year, there’s zero chance that anyone could have predicted the outcome for 2020.

When it comes to weddings, the initial reaction must have been one of uncertainty, with so many months of elaborate planning being placed on hold and no clear indication of what’s going to happen next.

Nevertheless, life goes on and love prevails. Several couples in Malta and around the world, have decided to go forward with their plans this year despite the unusual circumstances, and this has proved to be an absolute game changer in terms of atmosphere.

Whereas we are generally more used to hosting large scale events with hundreds of guests, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to take a step back and dramatically reduce wedding attendance.


That being said, several couples who have got married this year will all agree that their celebration was beautifully intimate. Sometimes it’s all about taking a pause from everything that’s currently going on and really giving some extra thought to the things and people that matter.

We’ve also seen a surge in unexpected wedding plans, with couples deciding to go ahead with smaller wedding ceremonies that perhaps are easier to plan in a shorter amount of time.

The definite upside of this pandemic has that it’s brought us closer together, with our nearest and dearest featuring more prominently in our day to day lives. Same when it comes to weddings, where couples have been able to make their love to one another official surrounded by those who matter most.

Thankfully 2020 is almost over and many would say that the worst is already behind us. If you happen to be a bride to be planning your big day, then now would probably be a great time to get started.

Normally, the bridal fair would happen around this time, but this has also been postponed. Having said so, this situation enables you to experience a classic and bespoke bridal fitting experience by appointment, in the company of friends and family.

Of course, we’ll also be including the usual discounts you would have expected to come across at the fair during your private consultation, as a little way of thanking you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

If you’re wondering what sort of bridal trends are in vogue for next season, there’s definitely a lot going on in terms of statement sleeves and romantic pastel shades. From elaborate back details, to modern takes on lace, the 2021-2022 collection is definitely one to look out for.

Take a look at some of our latest wedding dresses here, or get in touch with (+356) 21 314 331 to book your appointment today. Quote this blog and get 10% off right away.